‘All of my fears of losing my home melted away’

Homeowner Juan F.’s life was a “little unstable” during Christmas 2016.

His mother had lost a long battle with a health issue about a year earlier, a long-term relationship had soured and he just started a new job.

“I didn’t know if I could even keep my house,” says Juan, who lives in the Littlerock area in California.

Newport Law Firm assistance really worked out beautifully,” he says “I’m very grateful, I feel very blessed.”

The legal team at Newport Law did an amazing job during this hard time for me.

It began in 2014 when I lost my job and financially I could not make my mortgage payment with my lender Nationstar. I tried for multiple modifications using my hardship at my advantage but I was never successful. Over that time trying to work things out my default increased from $15,000.00 to $35,000 and from what I was told from other law firms I had no options or hope to keep my home. Two weeks before my auction sale date I received a letter from Newport Law saying they could help me so I called immediately. After my free consultation I felt secure and decided to put my home in their hands. I am grateful for Newport Law and their team of attorneys. They kept me in my home, bought me enough time to find employment, and got me a new mortgage payment with Nationstar that was financially comfortable for me.

Olga V.

Seattle, WA

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In February 2015 I survived a major heart attack that put me and my family in a financial hole. I was unable to work to pay bills on time and my wife could only work part time with our 4 children at home. I fell a little over a year behind on my mortgage with Wells Fargo, at that time they explained to me my only option was to short sale or Bankruptcy. My goal was to save my property for my family and I knew I wasn’t being treated fairly so I decided I needed a professional. Newport Law understood my situation they took the case within 24 hours and started communicating on my behalf to Wells Fargo and the trustee. Not only did they help me get out of foreclosure, they brought my loan current, and saved me almost $450.00 a month with a new 3% interest rate.

Jim C.

Royal Oaks, CA

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I hired Newport Law in October 2016 to handle my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I had a lot of debt with credit cards and medical bills. I also fell 3 months behind on my Mortgage. Knowing I wanted to save my property and could afford my mortgage payment again I contacted Newport Law. They guided me through the process of my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and as a courtesy they submitted my loan for a modification. I’m now 3 months into the BK and my mod is almost completed! I can honestly say I am sleeping in peace today knowing I am protected and have a professional law firm representing me.

Marie K.

San Diego, CA

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