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Real estate acquisition usually represents a great financial responsibility for everyone who is involved in the transaction. When disagreements occur, a great amount of money is often involved. Disputes need to be solved as soon as possible, it’s even more important to solve it if there is a possible foreclosure situation.

Who We Represent

State Trust Legal clients of any type of Real Estate involve:

buletiIndividual Homeowners

buletiInvestment property owners

buletiCommercial property owners

buletiRental property owner

buletiManagement Companies


buletiHome Owners

Real Estate Disputes We Litigate

buletiMortgage Disputesreal-estate-investor

buletiWrongful Foreclosure

buletiBreach of Contract

buletiLenders / Broker Misrepresentations

buletiFailure to Modify Loans

buletiMortgage Rate Adjustments

buletiTruth in Lending Act (TILA)

buletiMortgage Servicing


Leading Homeowner Representation

Newport Law have worked for many clients to help them against mortgage lenders and servicers for several years. Homeowners have not realized that there are several different options they have for any type of mortgage dispute. Many cases, the lenders often aggressively pursue foreclosure, which leaves the homeowner with fewer options. Homeowners must come in to Newport Law for our attorneys to help you with the real estate and mortgage litigation process. If you have real estate litigation to discuss please contact us today.

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