Affordable Low Fees, Helping Businesses of Any Size

At Newport Law, we know what affordable means. It means the cost of hiring a business attorney does not create a cash flow disruption or negatively affect other aspects of your operations. This obvious, common sense approach is lost on most law firms and business contract attorneys. A business lawyer should enhance, not compromise, your company. We have helped our business clients with many different contract matters, including the following:

buletiEmployment Contracts and Handbooks

buletiLandlord and Lease Negotiations

buletiCustomer Contracts and Agreements

buletiEquipment Lease Agreements

buletiManagement Contracts

buletiNon-Competition / Non-Compete Agreements

buletiLicensing Agreements

buletiNondisclosure / Confidentiality Agreements

buletiPartnership Agreements

buletiProfit Sharing Agreements


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